Should I start a blog – A common hesitation in every mind but you must.

Internet is flooded with this topic. Every second blogging website has an article on it. Some of them are descriptive & helpful, but most of them are for their affiliate marketing. Those who are writing for their affiliate marketing, are descriptive upto hosting, because their aim is to bring you to hosting provider as they are being paid for that.

After been live, how should you sell yourself. Having knowledge is not a guarantee of your of your success. Selling of your knowledge needs another skill. Hence it is better to think & plan yourself before rush to internet majority.

Is Blogging a good idea to monetize yourself?

Yes. It is not because many are earning handsome amount from it. Basic thought behind my reason is the “Expression”. Has you think ever why a actor become celebratee or why leader becomes leader? It is only because they know to express themselves before their audience. He can express their talent in their own way. Even a beggar has to express his need before the person to beg a single penny. And you all know, person who are able to express themselves, are earning a lot, at least better then a normal person. Similarly, If you want to become visible, want to own a community matching with your thought, start expressing yourself. Express your thought, talent, knowledge or anything. Once you break your shell, you can earn better.

Is unique niche necessary to blog upon?

Not necessarily. Do you think every business in the world is unique. Do you think, now a day new grocery shop will not run. Every business can run, if you own art of sell, art of presentation & expression.

No doubt, unique niche will help you to grow fast as you don’t have competition, but as soon as you become visible, you will face competition, many will start blogging on your topic in their own way & might be possible, will do better than you. Hence don’t waste your time to search & plan for unique niche. If you have unique niche, nothing better than that, but if don’t, you can start with any popular niche, of which, you have knowledge, can explain & can have different angle of expression.

The major thing is consistency. No one became successful over the night. Be honest to your plan, work regularly & try to contribute something to internet community. you may aware the famous physics theory “Every action has equal & opposite reaction”. This is true every where. Your hard work will surely revert with rewards.

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