How to start a blog – A guide that meet new challenges of 2022

A blog with good domain name, proper hosting & attention grabbing themes can be converted into an excellent source of income. You can use it for passive income, if you optimize it properly for search engine ranking, & social media platform along with affiliate marketing.

In this article I will explain all aspect of blogging in detail. I am attached with internet since 2000, I had seen the early stages of internet also. At present, it is a most competitive area & expectations of users becomes very high. Today, there are more than 570 million blogs on the web, among them 31.7 million are from the USA only. Its a statistics of 2020, But there are some relaxing news for Indians bloggers. Here just 10000 bloggers are by 2020.

Hence, if blogging is in your mind, you have to come with proper preparation. Please read this article carefully to the end, this will help you to prepare yourself in right manner & grow fast with your audience.

What is a Blog

Blog is nothing but just a way of expressing your views on particular topic. Like your personal diary, updated on regular interval with your expression, emotions, talent, expert opinions or anything but is public on internet when it becomes a Blog.

Now a common question why should I Blog may be in your mind. But you must aware, its now a profitable business on internet. It has minimal investment & unlimited potential. If you have writing passion, you must start a blog & open a door of extra income. In addition to that:

You can Express Yourself – Your expression is your personality, it makes you visible. Blogging platform allows you to express by writing content for the audience. 

Its a helping act – Your blog can change life of your reader. Blog is an ultimate source of knowledge gathering & skill up-gradation. It can be a tool for awareness of unknown things to a particular person. That one who get benefited by your blog, will become your fans.

Build your own Network – The person who get benefited from your Idea or the information or the tricks (anything) that you had provided, will join you & your network & soon you will have a very large audience.

Work form Anywhere & Anytime – It provides you freedom to work. Its like a be boss of yourself.

Stay Close to your family – With blogging you will work from home, also you will have so much spare time to spent with your love one.

How to start an blog

Starting a blog is easy but maintaining & growing its audience is some what difficult. But don’t be panic. Be patience, follow the following steps & implement the suggestions, you will definitely grow. I will also tell you how to make money with your blog.

1. Choose Right Niche for Your Blog

This is the most important part of your blogging journey. It gives you direction to work upon. But which niche is best for you. You might sucked here. You may found difficulty to decide and or to choose it. It is quite obvious, because everyone saying niche should be unique. But my view is different. You can choose any niche, even a popular one, but you must have deep knowledge on that subject. Because you have to write better than others. You should be passionate also on this topic. Otherwise / else you will not sustain in this field. 99 % blogger quit within 6 months. Its only due to lack of passion.

At the time of deciding Niche, keep this three thing in you mind :

Popularity – Before deciding, do some research on your niche. How much people are interested to know about it, is the key factor of your success. If audience is bigger and eager to know, read & gather the information on this niche , you easily grab the opportunity of growth. For that you can use available tools in market like Google Trends, Semrush, Ahref etc to see the daily search volume on this subject. Here you have one thing to consider. High popularity Niche has high competition & high DA (Domain Authority) websites are being engaged into that. You might be suppressed in google search by those webmasters. Hence a medium popularity niche may be better for beginners.

Knowledge – Your knowledge on chosen topic matters. You can write a article only if you have knowledge of the subject. Please don’t plan to cut ‘n’ paste idea from available resources on internet. It will never help you and might affect adversely.

Market Value (Profitability) – Commercial aspect is important. You have to see, whether you get return or not. For that, you have to do some research of the market. Look affiliate opportunity are available or not, because this is the main source of income of blogger. Another source is Google Adsense. For some niche, google does not approve your website, in that case you will lack from a major source of income. Sponsorship is a another source, but for that you have to keep marketing for yourself.

If you still have doubt & go through case studies / examples , please read my another article Choose a perfect niche to keep trending & be profitable.

Choose a short & catchy Domain Name

This is the another most valuable aspect of upcoming blog. A short & catchy domain name easily memorable & reside on tongue permanently. However there are so many other things also that have to consider while choosing a domain name, which I written in my another article How to buy a domain – Avoid these common mistake that even expert do.. For here, just try to choose a short, catchy & easily pronounceable name. One more thing has to consider that it should not be a black listed Domain by Google or does not belongs to Spam Database. With such type of domain, google approval is impossible & you will loose monetization potential of adsense. For that I had suggested two very useful tool in above said article which will help you to avoid this adverse situation.

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